Why custom round ice packs are the best choice to treat your patients…

custom round ice packsCustom Round Ice Packs are best in Healthcare

The Custom round ice packs are very popular among the dentists, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or medspa clinics. Custom round gel ice packs are best fit for the treatment of  burning skin, tattoo removal and laser hair removal. With their soft backing they’re extremely comfortable against the skin when cold. Ice gel packs, like the ones available on our website, are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials. Common gel types include hydroxyethyl cellulose, polymer, sodium polyacrylate, or vinyl-coated silica gel.

When to Use Gel Packs

Custom round ice packs are mostly intended for acute pain and fresh injuries. These include ligament sprains, muscle strains, bruises, and other sports injuries. They can also help with muscle spasms and various forms of arthritis.Chronic overuse or tissue fatigue injuries such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and patellofemoral pain syndrome also respond well to the treatment.

When NOT to Use Gel Packs

Of course, there are certain cases where gel packs may do more damage than good.

  • Do not use gel packs if you have sensory disorders. People with diabetes, for instance, may have lessened sensitivity and not be able to feel when damage is being done.
  • Do not use gel packs on stiff muscles or joints.
  • Do not use gel packs if you have poor circulation.
  • Do not use gel packs if cold therapy hasn’t helped the injury within 48 hours.

The promotional ice packs are also a great way to promote your business. Get custom ice packs with vibrant color having coupon code along with website URL printed on them to attract more potential customers. Let your customers decide what’s best by handing out personalized custom round ice packs ! These giveaways are perfect for healthcare clinics, doctor offices, physical therapists, and sports teams. 


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