5×5″ Custom Ice Packs

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Ice Pack Burn Skin Discoloration Treatment

The 5×5″ Custom Ice Packs are mainly used for treatment after laser hair removal, tattoo removal, or any procedure that requires burning the skin. It fits perfectly on small areas that have been treated.

They’re also great for promotional giveaways as the imprint area is large enough to fit a coupon code and website URL. Having a coupon code with your website URL on the gel pack is proven to attract more potential clients. These ice packs are completely customizable with full color digital print and colored gel.

Gelpax 5×5″ Ice Pack Burn Treatment is a Reusable Gel Pack designed to provide comfortable pain relief when cold or hot therapy is required. Moreover, as a 2-way compress, Gelpax is both safe for use in the microwave, and stays soft and conforming after being frozen.

Cold ice pack are recommended for first aid & therapy of sprains, strains, headaches, contusions, migraines, TMJ, bruises, minor bleeding/burns & more! Custom Cold Packs provides relief of muscle stiffness, body aches, sore muscles, arthritis, stiff joints, sinus pressure, spasms, pains & more!

Gel type: For hot/cold use. Soft ice – Flexible when frozen.

Colours: Clear plastic pouch with various gel colour options – Clear, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Violet, Pink, Red, and Custom Colours.

FDA Registration #3006652104

To Heat: Distribute gel evenly. Place in microwave for 20 seconds, remove and squish gel around to eliminate hot spots. Repeat until desired temperature is reached.

To Cool: Place in fridge for cool comfort or freezer for cold therapy. Flexible when frozen.

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