3×3″ Injection Ice Pack


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The 3×3″ Botox Injection Ice Packs are Ideal for use by dentists, cosmetic surgeons, and health and beauty spas for patient care and comfort.

These Custom Ice Packs are used primarily for treatment after botox or filler injections. Its small design is meant to hold the cold for about 10-15 minutes providing relief immediately after the procedure.

These reusable ice packs are flexible and versatile medical devices for first-aid or botox treatment Procedures and are completely Safe for sensitive skins.

Gel type: For hot/cold use. Soft Ice—flexible when frozen.

Color: Clear plastic pouch with various gel color options—Clear, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Violet, Pink, Red, and custom color.

Note:- We do not recommend that you heat the 3×3″ as it doesn’t have enough gel to have an impact. No need to worry about leaks because Gelpax ice packs are made from high-strength, puncture-resistant plastic.

TO COOL: Place gel pack in refrigerator for cool comfort or freezer to use as cold treatment. Flexible when frozen.

Always wrap in a soft cloth to avoid frostbite burns. Apply on the affected area for no longer than 20 minutes at a time.

FDA Registration #3006652104

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