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Here's what you get when you order from us...

  • Free Shipping - Anywhere in continental USA and Canada - $27 Value 
  • Full Color Digital Print - We print any logo and any color - $25 Value
  • Free Gel Color - Choose from 8 beautiful colors - $10 Value
  • ​Free Medical Practice Sales Funnel - We'll give you 5 gorgeous website templates that are proven to convert leads into customers - $997 Value
  • ​Free Proven Follow Up Campaign - Most practices lose clients because they fail to follow up. We give you a proven email and text message follow up campaign that will immediately increase results - $497 Value
  • ​Free Setup Tutorial Videos - Most of our clients use Gelpax to promote their practice. We've put together a video series on how to implement the sales funnel and follow up sequence so there is no guesswork involved - $297 Value

A $1853 Value Yours Free!

Our Custom Gel Pack Sizes

4" Round Facial Ice Pack

Round Facial Ice Pack
As low as $1.27 each!

3x3" Injection Ice Pack

Injection Ice Pack
As low as $0.90 each!

3x5" Promotional Ice Packs

Promotional Ice Packs
As low as $1.20 each!

5x5" Custom Ice Packs

Custom Ice Packs
As low as $1.46 each!

5x7" Cold Therapy Gel Packs

Custom Ice Packs
As low as $1.69 each!

4x10" Physical Therapy Ice Packs

Physical Therapy Ice Packs
As low as $1.95 each!

6x10" Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs

Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs
As low as $2.93 each!

8x10" Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and Cold Therapy
As low as $3.79 each!

10x12" Ice Pack For Injuries

Ice Pack For Injuries
As low as $4.65 each!

6x20" Reusable Gel Ice Pack

Reusable Gel Ice Pack
As low as $4.12 each!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

After looking through the website I wasn’t sure I could get the custom gel color I wanted. But after I got the product and used it for giving to my patients I was really impressed! I noticed right away that it directly affected our ability to bring in new clients. Not to mention how practical they are, and they worked with us to get the color I wanted. The size was perfect and we find our clients use them all the time!

Cheryl Scollard

DMA Rehability

I was quite cautious when first ordering from because I was worried it would be a difficult process and they would be too expensive. But after I got the product and used it for orthopedic surgeries I was very happy with the quality and performance! They were also great at matching my logo colors. I would definitely recommend

Kelli Cormier

Riverview Animal Hospital

When I first looked at the Gelpax website, I had a few questions. I called them and they immediately answered. I got my sample shortly after that and was very happy with it. I love how affordable the product is while still holding exceptional quality. I wouldn’t change a thing about my Gelpax, they really are the best.

Patricia Brockhoff

Wayside Dental

I choose Gelpax because of their unmatched quality. I use them to treat patients and love how they have a fabric backing on one side of the 4” round. There’s nothing I would change about our Gelpax and would definitely recommend them!

Linda Lorenzen

Allura Clinic

I choose Gelpax because of their great customer service. The 3x3” works great for giving to patients post treatment. I love all the great sales and offers they have. I would recommend Gelpax to anyone looking for an easy way to promote their practice.

Michelle L Somers

Synergi Med Spa

I love ordering from because it’s very cost effective and easy. The product works awesome for treating our patients and they have so many great gel colours. I still can’t believe they offer free custom branding. I would recommend to any aesthetician looking to represent their brand in a cost effective way.

Sarah Fuentes

Skin Revitalising Center

Why Choose Gelpax?

There are 3 reasons you should choose Gelpax.

  • Handmade in Canada: Our products are handmade in Canada and we are registered with the FDA. Your logo will be on a product that is safe an sanitary.
  • Free Shipping, Full Color Print, and Colored Gel: There are no hidden setup, print or shipping fees! What you see is what you pay.
  • Our Zero Risk Guarantee: We are so confident that you and your clients will love our product that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee. If you don't like the way your order looks, we will fix and replace them free of charge. You keep all the bonuses!
  • Our Bonuses: Most of our clients use our products to promote their businesses. So we offer thousands of dollars worth of free bonuses when you place your order that will help you get more clients. 
hot cold gel packs



How Do I...

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes!  Although we ship worldwide, we offer free shipping anywhere in the continental US and Canada.

What gel colors do you have?

We offer - Blue, Clear, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, And Red.

How do I pay for the order?

It's simple!  Click the button below to get 25% off, then choose your product and gel color.  Fill out the order form and pay with a credit card and you're good to go!

Where can I find pricing?

Click the button that says "Get 25% Off" and submit your name and email.  You'll instantly become a member of our wholesale price club and have access to all our pricing.

Do you offer refunds on faulty product?

In the rare event that some of your Gelpax aren't what you expected, or if they're damaged, we will replace the damaged ones...

Is there a guarantee?

We have a 100% risk free guarantee.  If you get your custom ice packs and they aren't what you were looking for, we will replace them free of charge.

Can you do custom shapes and sizes?

We specialize in creating custom gel pack products for various applications.  Give us a call to discuss your project.  We're happy to sign an NDA.

How long does my order take?

After payment is accepted and your artwork is approved we produce your order within 10 business days. Then we ship via UPS ground which takes 1-6 business days.

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