3 Simple Ways You Can Use Promotional Ice Packs to Bring in More Patients

promotional ice packs

Promotional ice packs are widely used across North America by a wide variety of medical practices like; Med spas, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and the list goes on.

Many of them simply use hot and cold therapy packs without their name and logo imprinted on them. If you’re in this category you’re missing out on a great opportunity to promote your business using branded ice packs.

Branded products are proven to bring in more clients to your business. Especially for local businesses. Since the services offered by medical practices that use promo gel packs are quite a high ticket (avg client value for a med spa is $3600-$5400 lifetimes) this means that it’s quite inexpensive to advertise using these little branded gel packs.

Here are 3 simple ways you can use promotional ice packs to generate more patients.

Use them as a targeted mailer

Since the dreaded virus has been happening a lot of our medical spa clients have had to close down for a month or two. More than ever, your clients need communication from you about when you’ll reopen, what deals you have going, and what they need to do to come in safely.

Pairing customized ice packs with a physical mailer which has a printed card inside is a great way to re-engage your current client base and get them in for an appointment.

Make an offer in the mailer and print a coupon code on the gel pack. Even tell them if they bring a friend they get a gift. This is by far the number one way to use promo ice packs to generate more patients.

Let’s say you spend $1000 to send this out to 250 people. A cost of $4 per unit including the printed card, packaging and postage. If you converted at 5% you’d get 15 people in the door. At an average value of $450 per appointment for a medspa that’s $6750 in gross sales. Not to shabby.

Start a referral campaign when you give them to your patients

You have to give a round ice pack to your patient when they leave the practice anyway… So why not give them a little incentive to refer a friend. Print something like this on the ice pack.

“Refer a friend and you both get a free face mask!”

Your cost on this is minimal and the LTV of a client for a med spa is around $4k. So even if you spent $20 total for the ice pack and the face mask you’re making a huge ROI. Moreover,it also works as a promotion strategy b’coz imprinted name and logo makes your brand famous.

Give them away at an event with a promo code printed in them

Many chiropractors and physiotherapists will sponsor events and give this little gelpax away along with a promo code for $50 off their first appointment.

The main goal is to get the patient in the door so you can offer them something more high ticket. This way you can be sure to get a good ROI.

There are 3 simple ways you can use promotional ice packs to get more patients into your practice. It doesn’t matter what kind of medical practice you run, custom ice packs can help you if you use them in the right way.